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About Women Talking

People have always asked me to put together an online portfolio that specifically showcases my best video work. The opportunity was presented to me to create an interactive journalism website doing just that. Most of these interviews were done for WGBH TV, the PBS affilate in Boston, while the others were done on independent commission. I chose to focus on women interviewees not only because of their diverse backgrounds and opinions, but also because they are all women of color and their voices are generally either limited or not represented positively in mainstream media. My hope is to begin to change that conversation.

About Talia Whyte

I am a freelance journalist who has reported on issues related to social justice, media and technology for 15 years. My work can be found in the Houston Chronicle, The Progressive, The Grio, The Boston Globe, MSNBC, PBS, Al Jazeera English, among many others.

I am also the founder and the managing director of Global Wire Associates, a new media consulting firm that promotes innovative communication for advancing social justice. I am the author of several books on the politics of technology, including Access Denied: Dismantling The Digital Caste System In the New Online Economy, Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World and co-author of Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change.

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