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Introducing “Women Talking”

Women Talking

People have always asked me to put together an online portfolio that specifically showcases my best video work. The opportunity was presented to me to create an interactive journalism website doing just that. Most of these interviews were done for WGBH TV, the PBS affiliate in Boston, while the others were done on independent commission. I chose to focus on women interviewees not only because of their diverse backgrounds and opinions, but also because they are all women of color and their voices are generally either limited or not represented positively in mainstream media. My hope is to begin to change that conversation.

It took me two months to conceive and design the website.  I hope you like it.


Buy Now: Second Edition of “Recharge E-waste”

Recharge E-waste book coverGlobal Wire Books releases today the second edition of one of its bestselling books, Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World.  Up until recently, e-waste or electronic waste activism was viewed as a fringe sector within the environmental movement.  However, because e-waste has become the fastest growing solid waste stream worldwide, the issue is now a mainstream concern.

Recharge E-waste is an interactive short guide that introduces readers to the complex issues concerning electronic waste and possible ideas around reducing it in the waste stream.  The second edition features updated consumer statistics and new information about the dangers e-waste pose to data security.

“The issue of cyber attacks is one of the most challenging economic and security issues happening globally right now,” said author Talia Whyte.  “Millions of old computers and mobiles are dumped in landfills that have not been properly erased of sensitive data ranging from family photos to credit card or bank statements to even confidential government contracts.  Cyber criminals scrounge through the trash to lift this data off of disposed electronics that is later used in scams and hackings.”

Global Wire Books is the digital imprint for Global Wire Associates.  It supports the organization’s mission by presenting under-reported topics through an interactive, multimedia experience. We publish high-quality, accessible eBooks, surveys, business guides and other resources addressing how technology and social innovation impacts society and human rights.  For more information, go to globalwireonline.org/globalwirebooks

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Now through Earth Day, 22 April 2014 you can purchase Recharge E-waste directly from Global Wire Associates’ website for US$2.99!

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“Access Denied” Ebook Available Now

Access Denied Book CoverGlobal Wire Books is happy to release its latest publication, Access Denied: Dismantling The Digital Caste System In the New Online Economy.

Technology has helped to make many social and economic advances in our society. However, ironically, many tech advances have also widened the digital divide between the world’s haves and have-nots. In 2012 Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the Mobile World Congress that while the poor will gain access to better technologies over the next decade, their advancements will pale in comparison to that of the rich. “We need to act now to avoid the digital caste system I’m talking about,” Schmidt said. “We can create a global network of equals.”

“The global economy is changing rapidly and the marketplace now demands entrepreneurs and workers who not only have competitive skill sets, but also have diverse perspectives and backgrounds,” said author Talia Whyte, who is also the managing director of Global Wire Associates. “Technology and innovation will play a huge role in the future economy, and society has to make sure traditionally marginalized groups, such as women, people with disabilities and racial and ethnic minorities are all on an equal playing field with the same access to resources and skill sets in the marketplace as well.”

In January 2013 Global Wire Associates launched the “Dismantle the Digital Caste System” campaign as a way to look more in-depth at the issues that continue to create a divide, and how technology can not only level the playing field for marginalized communities, but also support a vigorous economy. As the global recession continues, many are turning to new entrepreneurial opportunities in the technology and innovation sectors. Access Denied highlights a diverse selection of those entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers, as well as have discussions about other issues that contribute to the digital barrier that many of these entrepreneurs face such as poor broadband access, infrastructure, and racial, cultural and/or gender bias. This book contains all the articles from that campaign, as well as a new workforce diversity survey.

Price: US$3.99
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New Year, New Websites, New Beginnings

A new year is always a good time to reassess your work and how to make it more effective.  Over the last two months I have been redesigning my websites, and you may notice some slight changes.

Most importantly, taliawhyte.com is now self-hosted, meaning it is no longer hosted on Wordpress.com.  So if you were previously following my blog on wordpress.com, you will still receive feed updates in your Wordpress Reader, but you will no longer receive any email notices when a new post is up. If you want to receive email notices again, just go to taliawhyte.com/blog and enter your email address at the bottom of the left side panel under my Twitter feed and click “Subscribe/Follow.”  If you are not a wordpress.com user and are receiving email notices, no changes are necessary for you.  I will be shutting down the old wordpress site soon, so make the move over to my new site in the next few days.

You will also notice that the new homepage is now a showcase of my best recent work in a more user friendly interface framework.  I have some big journalistic projects coming up this year, and I believe this new site will accommodate these new projects.

You will also notice two major changes over on Global Wire Associates.  For one, the site can now be translated into six languages – Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and, of course, English.  This reflects our growing demand to reach broader global clients in a more efficient way.  The other change we are really excited about is the addition of the Classroom, our on-site video conferencing space where we will host our educational webinars and other special events, including my online book release party on 11 January.

Thanks a lot for your continued support and looking forward to the New Year!

Talia Whyte