New Year’s 2017 Live Music Playlist

Over the weekend and in between watching the Twilight Zone marathon and helping my mom set up her new Kindle, I set up my iTunes to just play all my live recorded music.  Could you imagine going to a concert and listening to Chaka Khan, Sade, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Mary J Blige, Wham!, Big Daddy Kane, Massive Attack, and Jodeci.  That would be really unrealistic, but pretty awesome!  I blasted all of these artists in my living room stereo and it was fantastic!

My new year’s resolution: enjoy life more with music. Here is what I listened to:

Experience: Jill Scott 826+ by Jill Scott

Live By Erykah Badu (You Betta Call Tyrone… Call Him..)

Lovers Live by Sade

Blue (Live) by Wham!

Safe From Harm Live by Massive Attack

Papa Was a Rolling Stone by George Michael

Wrath of Kane Live by Big Daddy Kane

Come and Talk To Me Live (Uptown Unplugged Live) by Jodeci

Forever My Lady Live (Uptown Unplugged Live) by Jodeci

I Don’t Want To Do Anything Else by (Uptown Unplugged Live) Mary J Blige and K-Ci

Live at Jakarta International Jazz Festival with Chaka Khan and Incognito

Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour by Michael Jackson

Dave Chapelle’s Block Pary by Various Artists