Mic Check with Raoul Peck

Acclaimed filmmaker Raoul Peck spoke to an audience at Emerson College March 15 following the viewing of his latest film “Moloch Tropical,” a political drama that many believe resembles the demise of Haiti’s first democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Most of the discussion was not only about Haitian politics, but also on how power and democracy works today.

Tyler Perry’s off-screen performances are worthy of NAACP honor

By Talia Whyte


Filmmaker Tyler Perry will receive the Chairman’s Award at tonight’s NAACP Image Awards. This high honor is bestowed upon those who have established themselves through distinguished public service. Previous winners have been President Obama, environmental activist Wangari Maathai and former Vice President Al Gore.

Okay, so lets get the obvious out on the table first. Perry has many critics – myself included – who feel that his films and television shows have done a disservice to the black community, with his constant portrayal of us as buffoons and crackheads. There is also the complaint that he has had made millions by selling out to Hollywood with these negative characters.

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Boston responds to the crisis in Haiti

Hundreds of members from the public came to Roxbury’s Hibernian Hall Jan. 16 to donate relief items that would be sent to earthquake victims in Haiti. The benevolence of the people coming through the hall shined through all day.

While most of the donors were Haitian American, there were also a good number of African Americans and black Africans in attendance. It is on very rare occasions that intraracial tensions amongst the different ethnicities in the black community can be put aside for a greater cause.

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‘Price of Sugar’ documentary offers food for thought

By Talia Whyte

The Bay State Banner

Sugar is one of the most used commodities in the world, but few people think about the story behind the sweetener in their coffee cups. Local filmmaker Bill Haney’s new documentary suggests that if they did, they would realize that sugar is not only a political landmine, but also quite literally a life and death issue.

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