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What WWI Posters Say About Early 20th Century War Marketing

This year marks the 100 anniversary of the start of World War I.  A good way of judging a society is the way it communicated it values and instincts during a particular time.  Long before modern communication tools like the … Continue reading

15. October 2014 by Talia Whyte
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Racism, Colonialism and the Communist Vision

For many decades communists were the only political group in South Africa who were prepared to treat Africans as human beings and their equals; who were prepared to eat with us; talk with us, live with us, and work with … Continue reading

03. February 2014 by Talia Whyte
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Focus on Political Art

I interviewed acclaimed printmaker and digital artist Favianna Rodriguez on the role political art plays in social movements.

14. June 2012 by taliawhyte
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