Rio+20: The Great E-waste Challenge

The staff of Global Wire Associates was quite busy last week, attending a dizzying number of lectures at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro.  While Rio+20 was the largest UN gathering ever, many people feel that it was a big waste of time, due to there being no major agreements to come out of it.

We can see why some people feel this way.  Take for example the Rio+Social webcast.  While the discussion about social media’s role in sustainable development was interesting, there really wasn’t anything brought up that most technologists and environmentalists didn’t know about already before the webcast.  Furthermore, listening to dozens of bloviating UN officials, businessmen and celebrities who were not making any real calls to actions just got tiresome after a while.

One can’t always say “the future we want” when no one is really saying what future they want.

Luckily, I found some people in the U.S. Center, making a call to action on e-waste.

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