I shoot and edit all the video and audio reports appearing here:

My interview with journalist Soledad O’Brien

I was recently invited to speak at a conference at Rhode Island College on race, the media and election 2012, where legendary activist Angela Davis was the keynote speaker.  I had a chance to talk to Dr Davis about the history of racial inclusion in social movements and how activism should be more global.  If you can’t see the audio player below, click here.

I talked with actor Forest Whitaker and Earth Institute Jeffrey Sachs about technology, social good and Whitaker’s new charity PeaceEarth.  If you can’t see the audio player below, click here.

Other articles, videos and audio reports I have done of note:

How Technology is Redefining Diplomacy (includes report from the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative)

Report from the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20)

10 Environmental Issues Affecting Urban America

Somali Women Entrepreneurs Carve a Niche in Boston

Coakley ignored black voters at her own peril

Dear Next President: A national HIV/AIDS policy, please?

Where is the black outrage over China’s involvement in Darfur?

Activist Van Jones discussing the American middle class

Activist/Professor Vijay Prashad on the problems with capitalism

Black AIDS Institute CEO Phil Wilson on the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic among African Americans

Life After… Series

Painter Kehinde Wiley on Race, Identity and Art

Author Zadie Smith on writing in the digital age

Filmmaker Marjane Satrapi on Islam, Feminism and Identity

Author Sapphire on Precious and writing great literature

Multimedia Feature Reports

Women Talking

Childhood Obesity Multimedia Project


Interview with Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson

Interview with activist Rosa Clemente

Interview with activist Van Jones

Interview with actor Hill Harper

Interview with actor Idris Elba

Interview with author Walter Mosley

Interview with British soccer star Alex Scott

Interview with comedian Baratunde Thurston

Interview with activist/comedian Elon James White

Interview with filmmaker Lee Daniels

Interview with Gov Deval Patrick on Haiti Earthquake Relief

Interview with journalist Kai Wright

Interview with playwright Ed Bullins

Interview with singer Brian McKnight