When Redefining Realness Gets Real

I just finished reading Janet Mock’s first book, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More.  I had only wished I had read this book sooner.  I am so glad that we are living in a moment when trans folks and other marginalized groups are finally having their voices heard.

The memoir chronicles Mock’s life starting as a child coming to grips with her gender identity in a broken home, switching between her mother’s home in Hawaii and with her dad in Oakland and Dallas.  It is hard enough to grow up with poverty and drug addiction with your parents and surviving sexual abuse as an adolescent, in addition to going through a gender transition.

I also admire the level of maturity Mock had as a teenager.  Many of the decisions she had to make at an early age forced her to have to grow up very quickly. The most interesting part of the book was near the end when she raised money through sex work to have gender reassignment surgery in Thailand.  Having gender reassignment surgery at any age is a big decision to make, let alone at 18.

The book does a great job of explaining the many issues and concerns within the transgender community, like stigma and discrimination faced by trans folks within families, schools, and workplaces.  As a cisgender person, these are many issues I sometimes take for granted.

I do encourage others to read this one before reading her new book!


My Book “Recharge E-waste” On Sale For Earth Day

Originally posted on Global Wire Books.

Recharge E-waste book coverJust in time for Earth Day! Buy one of Global Wire Books’ bestselling titles, Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World.  Up until recently, e-waste or electronic waste activism was viewed as a fringe sector within the environmental movement.  However, because e-waste has become the fastest growing solid waste stream worldwide, the issue is now a mainstream concern.

Recharge E-waste is an interactive short guide that introduces readers to the complex issues concerning electronic waste and possible ideas around reducing it in the waste stream.  The second edition features updated consumer statistics and new information about the dangers e-waste pose to data security.

“The issue of cyber attacks is one of the most challenging economic and security issues happening globally right now,” said author Talia Whyte.  “Millions of old computers and mobiles are dumped in landfills that have not been properly erased of sensitive data ranging from family photos to credit card or bank statements to even confidential government contracts.  Cyber criminals scrounge through the trash to lift this data off of disposed of electronics that is later used in scams and hackings.”

Global Wire Books is the digital imprint for Global Wire Associates.  It supports the organization’s mission by presenting under-reported topics through an interactive, multimedia experience. We publish high-quality, accessible eBooks, surveys, business guides and other resources addressing how technology and social innovation impacts society and human rights.  For more information, go to

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To Be A Difficult Woman

During Women’s History Month, we usually celebrate women who have made significant contributions to society like Hillary Clinton, Shirley Chisholm, Dolores Huerta and countless other women.  I recently read Roxanne Gay’s latest book, Difficult Women.  This work of short stories explores the different lives of women you will never hear about in a history book.  These women are considered on the edge of society or eccentric.  Many of them are people we may know, like our mothers, sisters, wives, co-workers, who don’t live perfect lives.

I really loved this book.  In fact, I read it in two days!  Check out this interview with the author.

15 Reasons Why Physical Books Still Matter

I made sure all my electronics were fully charged on Monday evening to safeguard myself from a potential power outage during the snow storm.  As I was charging my mobile, Kindle, and computers, I was made again to appreciate one of the few things in life that don’t require a battery – a physical book.  So I spent most of the storm catching up on some much-needed reading.  I just started reading Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay.  It was an enjoyable reminder that you don’t always need technology to find enjoyment in life.

Here are some other reasons to appreciation the physical book:

  1. Unlike a Kindle, you can read physical books outside without worrying about a glare (unless you have a Paperwhite Kindle).
  2. You can read them anywhere and everywhere.
  3. Physical books help you fall asleep.
  4. You don’t get eye strain.
  5. You can drop a physical book and not worry about breaking it.
  6. A brand-new, physical book smells awesome.
  7. Book covers are gorgeous.
  8. Physical books make great gifts
  9. Unlike an ebook, authors can sign physical books.
  10. You can take book “selfies” like I do all the time on Twitter.
  11. Who doesn’t love browsing bookstores and libraries just to touch a book!
  12. Physical books make great home decor and can be used as furniture and decoration.
  13. They can get wet and you still read them.
  14. Your arms get a better workout.
  15. Physical books give me life!