2017: My Year In Review

I don’t know what to say about a year that has been dominated by the doom and gloom of Donald Trump.  Instead of going into another tirade about him, I posted the top ten blog posts my readers seem to like reading based on my website metrics.  A few of them are articles I wrote before 2017 like the first post.

Happy Holidays and without further ado:

  1. Are African Americans Guilty of Cultural Appropriation?
  2. ACT-UP, Gran Fury & The Legacy of HIV/AIDS Activist Branding
  3. What WWI Posters Say About Early 20th Century War Marketing
  4. Marketing Lessons From The Civil Rights Movement
  5. Bodegas, Gentrification, and Social Experiences
  6. What Is White Privilege?
  7. Should White People Tell Black Stories?
  8. Marketing to Generation X
  9. How to Jog During Extreme Weather: Summer Edition
  10. 15 Reasons Why Physical Books Still Matter