“Recharge E-waste” Ebook Now Available

rechargeewastepressphoto800x500I am happy to announce the latest publication from Global Wire Associates – Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World.  This is a multimedia anthology of the best work from the firm’s “Recharge E-waste” campaign, illustrating the global environmental problem of electronic waste and possible solutions presented by both grassroots activists and international policymakers.

Recharge E-waste also shows the results of three, year-long  surveys conducted with 600 past and present Global Wire Associates clients worldwide on their views on e-waste.  One survey shows that while most clients have at least some knowledge about electronic waste and the environmental and health problems they cause, nearly a quarter of participants still throw away their old electronics into the trash.  Most North American and European participants had the least knowledge about electronic waste and were shocked to learn that this waste stream mostly makes its way to developing countries.  This is crucial to know as most e-waste originates in developed countries.

Our study also shows that most participants globally have a distrust in tech companies having a say in electronic waste recycling, and that either the United Nations or individuals governments should be responsible for setting e-waste policy.  As on participant in New Zealand said: “If Apple is not transparent about working conditions in the foreign factories making their products, how can we trust them to be responsible for properly discarding old products?”

Recharge E-Waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World
Buy the e-book here. Price: US$3.99

PDF Version

(The ebook is in English, but we hope to have it translated into other languages in the next few weeks.)

Upcoming Webinar

Recharge E-Waste Online Book Release Party – Saturday, 12  January 2013 Noon EST (Full)

Join us for our official book release party of our latest publication, Recharge E-Waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World.  Global Wire Associates managing director Talia Whyte and research director Maria Ferrera will discuss their findings on electronic waste systems and innovations on dealing with the problem. Price: Free, but first come, first serve as space is limited. As of 7 Jan, this event has met capacity. Email info[at]globalwireonline[dot]org to register to get on the waiting list.