Why Oprah’s legacy is a mixed bag for some black males

(AP Photo/Harpo Productions, Inc., George Burns, File)

by Talia Whyte


Today, media diva Oprah Winfrey begins the final year of her groundbreaking talk show. From her book club to O magazine, Winfrey will take her empire into a new era with the start of her OWN cable network next year.

By now, everyone has their favorite Oprah episode, whether it was the show where all the audience members got brand new cars (and paid $7,000 to keep them) or the infamous Tom Cruise couch jump. In the 25 years she has been on the air, Winfrey has not only helped set the standard for other daytime talk shows, but has also broken down many barriers for other female minority television personalities who follow in her footsteps.

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